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voLL sweet x3

27.2.07 18:38

I <3 u


Ich Libe dich ueber aLLez auf dea qanzen weiten weLt..un noch sooo vieL mea !!



27.2.07 17:49

I wish I had a nose...




It isn't important to Live in a beautifuL worLd..;when there is nothinq that makes y0u happy !!

27.2.07 17:45

уσυ яσ¢кє му ѕσ¢кѕ ...


... αℓℓ тнє ωαу σωи тσ му тσєѕ!

29.10.06 22:25

I want to live in your eyes
die in your arms ...

... & be buried in your heart !


29.10.06 22:15

29.10.06 22:06


Just because her eyes dont tear
doesnt mean her heart
doesnt cry
just because she comes off
strong, doesnt mean theres nothing wrong.

29.10.06 21:42

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